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Tailor-made IT solutions and IT system maintenance and development.
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MPED was established in 2011 and being the software house is an independent software vendor (ISV), cloud solution provider (CSP) and Microsoft Silver Partner. We develop comprehensive, tailor-made software, particularly based on Microsoft technologies, React framework and multi-platform universal and cross-platform mobile applications.
We have the solutions
for problems
We focus on solving our clients' problems. We listen to their needs and propose an optimal solution that will help to solve them or mitigate their effects. Below we have listed a summary of sample problems for which we have solutions based on our technology, experience and skills.
Overwhelming number of requests
from customers or providers?
We have experience in creation of self-service portals for customers and providers which will allow them to register case online, download or create invoice, provide description of performed service. We can integrate portal with your back-office system so you will have data at place without additional work.
Too much
We can create for you custom software or customize ready made product for virtualization of your business processes. Your new solution can be integrated with other software to receive and send required data automatically to reduce your workload.
Software outdated, with technological debt
or without support?
We can create new version of your software from the scratch according to your business requirements or we can takeover the source code of your solution and update it to the newest possible frameworks, extend it with new features and integration modules (e.g., web api interface) and start our maintenance and support.
Failure of infrastructure, lack of infrastructure scalability
or risk of data loss?
We can move your business to the Microsoft Azure cloud. We can prepare move to the cloud strategy, setup the environment, accesses, move or adapt business applications according to the requirements of cloud solution. In case of need we can provide you hybrid solution allowing communication between on-premis infrastructure with cloud environment.
Too many documents
to be posted?
We can provide you with documents recognition solution which will turn scans of e.g., invoices into electronic documents in a bookkeeping software format, ready to import or recognized data from scans of your documents can be inserted to your bookkeeping app online via web services or other integration module delivered with your bookkeeping system by its manufacturer.
Are you missing resources
for your project?
The one of our cooperation models is the body leasing of our software engineers or the entire team directly to the organizational structure of our client's company. This is a very good solution if you have your own project and to implement it you need programming resources in a specific period.
Do you often turn on and off devices in the building
or do you need to obtain data from the surroundings?
We can implement for you building automation solution that will integrate all of your devices and start to manage them itself according to the data collected from sensors e.g., the AC system in all rooms can be controlled by central server and its parameters of work adapted to the data obtained from the sensor located in the room, thanks to this, the temperature will always be comfortable without any need of human touch. Moreover, data from sensors ( e.g., temperature, humidity, presence) and cameras can be collected in multiple deferent environments / building at the same time and send to central system for data processing by AI for automated decision support.
Too long lines of
customers to your services?
If you are dealing with long lines of customers to the cashier or service employee than we would like to propose you the implementation of universal applications for stands (e.g., apple ipads) or mobile applications for customers which they can download from app store and e.g., buy your service even before arrival to you. We have experience in creation of cross-platform mobile and universal apps, integration of payment systems, middleware web apis and integration with back-office systems to provide automatically all the data collected from customer and exchange the data needed to provide the service to customer.
in this service?
Areas where
we work best
Since 2011, MPED Sp. z o.o. has been in the business of software development and IT system maintenance and development for Polish and international customers.
IT solutions.
We use in-depth research of the customer’s needs to create tailor-made solutions. We provide analytical services and support the customer as early as the concept stage. We consult the scope of functional requirements, while our User Experience and graphical interface specialists take care of the system's appearance. The next step is software building, testing, deployment, optimisation and post-deployment support. We can deliver the solution we develop together with a suitable infrastructure and software necessary for its correct functioning.
Development and maintenance
of IT systems
We provide permanent business systems support, maintenance and development services. We monitor software, follow trends in industries related to the applications we supervise, and use this as a basis to provide advice to our customers concerning functional and infrastructural changes. We prepare patches, modifications and new releases in reaction to changes and incidents reported to us by our customers. We provide 24/7/365 technical assistance and ensure prompt identification and repair of software. We also grant warranties for the patches and modifications we release.
Building automation
and Edge computing
We design and deploy building automation based on equipment complying with the LOXONE and KNX standards. As a partner of LOXONE, we offer advanced control and electric equipment. We provide tailor-made solutions for smart building and infrastructure to control lighting, heating, roller blinds, curtains, gates, garden and collect data from sensors. Combination of LOXONE products, our custom software and configuration gives us a wide range of integration possibilities in the field of network peripherals and data transfer to the Microsoft Azure cloud greatly facilitates the implementation task „on the edge”.
We work
We run projects according to the Agile methodology. Every stage of system development is tested on an ongoing basis and concludes with an internal acceptance procedure. Progress is reported to the customer at least once every 2 weeks.
Analysis of the business solution’s requirements.
Work with stakeholders to define requirements, preparation of project documentation.
Software development in iterations, tests, demo and feedback.
Deployment and technical support.
The most frequently used tech stack by us
Microsoft NET FrameworkMicrosoftNET CoreMicrosoft SQL Server
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We are a Microsoft partner. We emphasise a continued development of our competences, we use best practices and follow trends. We take care to provide the highest quality solutions that fully match the needs of users, ensure complete security and comply with current global standards.
We recommend MPED as a company, one which stands out due to its broad knowledge, great commitment and promptness.
Reliability and a professional attitude to their duties are just a few of MPED’s advantages.